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Illinois Claimant’s Manual in Personal Injury Cases

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This overview is intended to provide information only and is not a legal basis. We recommend that you contact a lawyer immediately. Proceeding without the involvement of an experienced lawyer may have a negative impact on your compensation.

Table of Contents page

1. What is personal injury?
2. What are my costs when applying for compensation?
3. Who should apply for compensation?
4. Which damages are covered?
5. What should I do if I suffered damage in an accident?
6. What should I expect in a personal injury case?
7. Can I be treated by the doctor I have chosen?
8. How to file a case for compensation?
9. What should I do if I am not sure whether I need a lawyer in my case?

Law Office of Kevin M. O’Brien

Our law office, Kevin M. O’Brien, was established in 1982. We have extensive experience in representing union members and working with injured clients to ensure they receive maximum compensation. Our office settled approximately one thousand compensation. We have a reputation for preparing our legal cases to win. This helps you win your case faster.
We handle cases in the Municipal Department and the Law Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County and surrounding suburbs. We handle cases involving personal accidents and accidents at work. These cases include: car accidents, property accidents, medical malpractice and a wide range of work-related accidents.

Our office location is on the south side of Chicago. If a client is unable to come to our office for a meeting, we will accommodate the client’s circumstances.

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What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is the legal name for bodily injury, as opposed to property damage. Personal injuries include civil law where the injured party seeks compensation for the damage suffered. It shows that the injured party’s injuries are caused by the other party’s negligence. Common examples of personal injury include: car accidents, slips, trips, falls, medical negligence and medical malpractice, personal injury, home accidents, and accidents caused by defective products.

How much does it cost me to claim compensation?

Nothing. The remuneration is usually paid by the insurance holder. You are not entitled to the costs of this remuneration. You do not pay our office until we obtain compensation for you.

Who Should A Claim Compensation?

Anyone who has been in an accident and does not feel responsible for it.
What Damages Are Covered?
All caused by this accident. They often include, but are not limited to, broken or damaged bones, contusions and concussions. Lack of payment for work can also be recovered if the damage was caused by another person’s negligence.
What Should I Do If I Was Injured in an Accident?

Time is very important. If necessary, you should use the emergency services. Otherwise, you should go to a medical doctor for help. To exercise all your rights, you must seek compensation within a certain period of time. In most cases of personal injury, this is two years after the accident. However, sometimes it is one year or six months. Therefore, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Do not provide any information to insurance representatives (including your insurance) until you have contacted an attorney.

What should I expect when applying for compensation?

The injured person must take action
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