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Kevin M. O’Brien

Managing Partner

University of Dayton, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, 1976
University of Dayton, Juris Doctor, 1979 (Law Review)
Illinois State Bar Association, 1980
U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois 1980
American Bar Association, 1980
Association of American Trial Lawyers, 1983

After graduating from the University of Dayton School of Law in 1979, Mr. O’Brien opened his own Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation practice in 1982. Mr. O’Brien has extensive experience in representing injured union members and working with clients to make sure that they receive maximum benefits and settlements. His office has handled thousands of claims, and has a reputation for preparing cases so that they are ready to be won at trial, which often facilitates a fast settlement or resolution of a claim.

Over the years, Mr. O’Brien has had numerous six and seven-figure settlements, including a personal Injury case involving a passenger in a left-turning vehicle that was struck by a pick-up truck which resolved for $1.7 million dollars. The passenger suffered a closed head injury with cognitive deficits, memory loss and blurred vision.

In 2011 Mr. O’Brien won a verdict in excess of $2.9 million dollars in the Will County Circuit Court for a bicyclist whose right leg was severely injured when he was struck by a Joliet Police Officer who was responding to a radio call about criminal activity in another location. Mr. O’Brien was able to prove that the officer in question acted recklessly in her driving and that the plaintiff’s serious and permanent injuries resulted directly from that willful and wanton conduct.

In a dual case of a worker’s compensation claim and third-party personal injury claim, Mr. O’Brien represented a union worker who sustained a rotator cuff tear (shoulder injury) and was unable to return to work. Plaintiff received $1 million dollars from his employer and the commercial property owner whose negligence caused his injury.

Mr. O’Brien also secured a settlement for $950,000 dollars for a woman who was shopping at Aldi when she tripped and fell on a pallet stacked high with paper towels. She fractured her hip and required numerous surgeries and extensive hospital time.

Mr. O’Brien also has had success with non-traditional personal injury causes of actions. He secured a settlement in the amount of $550,000 dollars for a young man who was shopping in a card and sports memorabilia shop when he was accidentally shot by the owner of the shop as he was demonstrating the “security uses” of his weapons collection. The handgun fired, a bullet was discharged, it ricocheted off the floor and struck the young plaintiff, injuring his peroneal nerve and causing “drop foot” in his affected leg.

Mr. O’Brien also has experience with intentional tort cases, having represented another attorney who was struck by a car while he was standing in his own driveway. The Plaintiff sustained a fractured vertebrae and required surgery. The case resolved for $500,000 dollars.

In another interesting case, Mr. O’Brien represented a hunter who, while resting from the hunt and seated under a tree, was shot after allegedly being mistaken by another hunter for a squirrel. Shotgun pellets were lodged in his left leg, right arm and abdomen. Plaintiff required two surgeries to release the tension and pressure on his limbs. The Plaintiff settled the case for $300,000 dollars.

Mr. O’Brien has tried numerous jury trials in both the Law Division and the Municipal Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County and the surrounding suburbs. He takes great pride in the number of former clients who become friends and stay in touch after their cases conclude. They continue to show their faith and trust in his office by recommending family members and friends who may also have compensable claims for injury.