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Disclaimer: Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict similar results in any future case.





Plaintiff was a bicyclist hit by a City of Joliet Police Sergeant driving a squad car at approximately 50 mph. The jury awarded him over $2,900,000.00 for his injuries which included a permanent nerve injury resulting in “drop foot.” The jury found that he was liable for 28% comparative negligence and thus reduced the amount of money he was awarded to over $2,100,000.00.


Plaintiff was a passenger in a left-turning car. She sustained a closed head injury with cognitive deficits, memory loss, and blurred vision in her right eye when her vehicle was struck by a construction company pick-up truck.


Plaintiff was a union worker who sustained an on-the-job injury, and after the injury could not continue in his line of work. Plaintiff sustained full rotator cuff tear involving all four tendons and requiring surgery. Plaintiff recovered money from his employer as well as a third party case against the commercial property owner.


Plaintiff was shopping at Aldi when she tripped and fell on a pallet stacked high with paper towels. Plaintiff sustained broken hip requiring multiple surgeries and extensive hospital time.


Plaintiff was accidentally shot by the owner of a Sports Card store when a gun inadvertently discharged, ricocheted off the floor and struck the plaintiff, severing his femoral vein and causing drop foot syndrome.


Plaintiff was an attorney who was struck by a car while standing in his driveway. The driver of the car was the disgruntled ex-spouse of the attorney’s client in a divorce case. Plaintiff sustained fractured vertebrae and underwent multiple surgeries.


Plaintiff was a pedestrian struck by a CTA bus. Plaintiff sustained a fractured leg, which required open reduction and external fixation surgery and led to permanent loss of movement.


Plaintiff was hunting with a group and was seated by a tree outside of the hunting area when he was shot, allegedly after being mistaken for a squirrel. Pellets were lodged in his left leg, right arm and abdomen with two pellets lodged very close to the heart. Plaintiff required two fasciotomies (limb-saving surgeries to release tension and pressure on limbs) and continual monitoring.


Petitioner was a welder who was not given the proper breathing apparatus and inhaled toxic fumes from work equipment. Petitioner sustained extensive lung damage requiring a tracheostomy, a toracotomy and the use of a rare extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine. Petitioner likely will require the use of an external breathing machine for the rest of his life.


Plaintiff slipped and fell due to ice and snow accumulating on a driveway. The ice and snow had been redirected from downspouts and gutters causing a melting snow and ice hazard. Plaintiff sustained disc herniations with micro-discectomy, or the surgical removal of a herniated disk.


Petitioner was a union electrician who sustained a serious on-the-job back injury. After the injury he could not continue in his line of work. Plaintiff sustained several disc herniations, which required surgery.

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